The easiest way to record any activity on your screen


  • Easy to use
  • Pan/zoom function
  • You can share videos on the developer's website


  • Videos can only be saved in FLV

Not bad

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words, and this is why videos are usually the handiest way to share a tip o create a tutorial.

Screen recording is child's play with TipCam. This program enables you to capture any activity that takes place on your screen and save it as an online video that you can share with anybody. You can show off your latest battles in your favorite game, or help a customer that needs assistance with a particular software application.

TipCam is very easy to use. You can enable, pause and resume screen recording with hotkeys, plus make the "camera" follow your mouse with its pan/zoom function, although there's no possibility to define the size of this zoom.

On the downside, the program only saves videos to FLV. That said, if you want to publish them online, you can use the developer's website - after signing up for free. While this can be a good way to share them, I'd still prefer having a wider format variety to save my videos.

With TipCam you can easily record any activity on your screen. Unfortunately videos are saved only in FLV format .

TipCam supports the following formats


In just a few clicks, our TipCam software records a video of your screen and posts it for sharing. It's easy and free! You can use it to show how to perform certain tasks with the PC, share an online game you are playing, record an online video from other video site or TV feed and more.

See what TipCam features for you:

  • One-click record, one-click share
  • Web and Social network friendly
  • De facto web-standard video format
  • Smart panning
  • Free style hand drawing markup during recording
  • Capable of recording screen activities remotely




User reviews about TipCam

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    Thetaplex PC's review of TipCam.
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